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When Picking Fights Goes Wrong, Volume 1

When Picking Fights Goes Wrong, Volume 1


I was lucky enough to have a father who taught me a very important lesson when I was growing up.  No matter how tough you are, there’s always someone out there who can whip your ass.  Below are 5 stories of people who learned that lesson the hard way.


1) The video starts with a blind kid being attacked by a bully.  After the blind kid eats a handful of punches, a challenger enters (Cody Pine), and delivers some sweet sweet street justice to the bully.   A lot of stories were saying that Cody was suspended from school and kicked off the football team, but this appears to be untrue.


2) If you’re staring a guy down, and his friends are yelling “Don’t do it champ”, you might want to find someone else to pick a fight with.


3) A son is standing next to his mother while she argues with his step dad.  It’s easy to miss, but apx 2 seconds into the video, watch the left side closely and you can see the step dad smack the mother in the face.  The son responds in kind.


4) Another case of moms boyfriend not knowing when enough is enough.  He’s warned to leave multiple times, and then the son takes matters into his own hands…. Hands that appear to have been genetically engineered to encourage sleep.


5)  This video is amazing for a bunch of reasons.  First, I’ve never seen someone talk so much shit and clown around while getting their ass beat at the same time.   I’ve also never seen anyone stop mid fight and go check themselves in a mirror, and then ask “What’s this on my face”, then go back for more.   The girl getting beat up is named Jaide, and the internet didn’t take long to have a field day making memes out of her.

You can see those below the video. (Warning:  Volume – these bitches are loud!)


The Internet has already begun to respond to the #Jaide video:

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