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Novelty Ugly Sweaters are Stupid

There’s no doubt that your facebook feed has been littered with advertisements selling ugly sweaters.   How about one with a bunch of cats that says “Meowy Catmas”?  Or one for your favorite politician, sports team, etc.     I, personally, think the concept of an ugly sweater party is kind of amusing.   The whole purpose though is to dig through your mom and dad’s crap for something from the 80s, visit a Salvation Army, etc.   Ugly sweaters are funny when some clothing company actually thought that a particular garment was stylish.  Or maybe Grandma (bless her soul) made you a sweater…


Here is a whole bunch of no.  Just don’t do these.



We all know what December 26th looks like after St Nick eats all the cookies.  Do we need the visual?


I actually have seen people wear these to football games… in October.


Here’s someone that wants to ruin the greatest Christmas movie of all time.


I understand you don’t want to be taken seriously when you intentionally dress in an ugly sweater, but seriously? Who would wear this?


Okay this one makes me chuckle a little, but still no.


What in the world is going on here?  This is how you know this crap has jumped the shark.

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