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The Universe Doesn’t Give a Shit You’re 4 Years Old

There’s something precious about the way a toddler experiences the world around them.   The wide eyed wonderment that comes from witnessing colors, shapes, sounds, tastes, and textures they’ve never experienced before.  The confusion and frustration you see in their face when they don’t understand something, the focus when they are trying to figure it out, and ultimately the joy on their face when they finally get it.

There’s also something insanely hilarious about a child trying to do something stupid, and the universe reminding them that it doesn’t give a shit how old they are by smacking them in the face with consequences and making them eat a shit sandwich smothered in reality.


12035293_10153646594527769_824280581_n (1)



Sometimes the universe is busy, so it outsources the job to your sadistic older brother



Brother’s busy? Don’t worry, dad’s got it covered



Sometimes you feel like the whole world’s against you(r face)   eyyyyooo!



Occasionally the family pet picks up the slack.





There are other times where kids are dumb enough on their own and there’s no outside interference required





Just remember, if the universe gave a shit that you were 4 years old before it smacked you in the face, it probably would have taught you to read so you could see this warning.

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