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Month – October 2015

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Shit You’re 4 Years Old

There’s something precious about the way a toddler experiences the world around them.   The wide eyed wonderment that comes from witnessing colors, shapes, sounds, tastes, and textures they’ve never experienced before.  The confusion and frustration you see in their face when they don’t understand something, the focus when they are trying to figure it out, and ultimately the joy on […]

Day care owner beaten with shovel for protecting children from their drunk dad

Martha McClure is the owner of Martha’s Menehunes in Ronan, MT, for approximately two decades according to her friend Krista Osterwyk-McKnight. Last Wednesday, McClure was watching the three toddlers under the age of 4 who were currently pending adoption.  Their biological father, Francis Jackson, had barred from seeing his children by Deputy Lake County Attorney James […]

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