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Historic Restaurant goes up in flames

A fire broke out in Oscoda County in the city of Luzerne this morning.   Firefighters say Ma Deeter’s bar and restaurant in Luzerne went up in flames around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. Fire officials say no one was hurt in the fire and they’re trying to figure out what caused it.

Dawn Nichol the manager of the Luzerne Express next door to Ma Deeter’s says she could see the flames shooting out from building. Nichol says Ma Deeter’s had a huge impact on the community and is a huge loss to Luzerne.

Ma Deeter’s opened in 1921 and the family run business was a landmark in Luzerne for almost 100 years.


Shown below is a video taken by Cody Frost via facebook

As heard in the video “1 fire truck, 1 cop…  that’s about it ”


You can visit Ma Deeter’s website at : http://www.madeeters.com/

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