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Ex-Baltimore cop gives brutally honest interview about police corruption

Ex Baltimore cop Michael Wood gives brutally honest interview about police corruption on the A Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (link to site).

This is a great video that is worth listening to.   It’s not a “all cops are bad and corrupt” video, but it does discuss the fundamental flaws in How how many police departments approach their function Best in society.

One really good point he makes early on is that when something bad happens involving police, we’re always focused on the 1 bad cop that did something but not the 11 others that stood idly by knowing it was wrong but refusing to step in or restraint the bad cop.

Another good portion in the video is between 14:00-18:00 where he talks about how from an internal perspective, the focus was always on wholesale jerseys arrest numbers and not on actually reducing/preventing crime. “Shouldn’t the goal be no crime?”    He also touches on how the war on drugs (more specifically marijuana laws), takes regular people who would otherwise be harmless members of society, and turns wholesale jerseys them into criminals for life and repeat offenders with very few options.

Around 18:00 he it’s discusses the prison industrial complex and what impact that has on society, and then goes on to talk about how under trained most police wholesale nfl jerseys officers are in regards to firearms.  He even goes so far as to state that he would not have been been trained properly to do his job had he Спектр not previously been in the military.

It’s ???? insightful, eye opening, and wholesale nba jerseys worth the listen.

Full Video Below


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